Monday, July 19, 2010

LOL with me... go ahead

SO I SAW THIS INTERNET MEME AND OMG I'M typing in capitals - and, anyway, it was all like "what u typed vs what you actually did". It got me thinking about all those fabulous abbreviations like LOL & BWL & LMAO & ROFL.
Now, laugh out loud, i get, thats great - like "oh, you made me laugh, loudly. ahahaha" Yeah. But now, we're all bursting with laughter and laughing our asses off... how exactly does one laugh one's ass off? When you're, what? on the elliptical trainer and u see something funny? Oh yes, off it goes.
But, oh, rolling on the floor laughing. Yeah, cause, when I hear a joke, I immediately get down on the floor, start rolling around and then laugh. We all do that.
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